Milan Event Presentation 2024

The design and Mogliano’s tradition of weaving are back in Milan.

In the headquarter of MC SAATCHI PR, we presented the new products for 2024: Dondolina by Antonio Aricò, Simbiosi by Alessia Clemente, and Naturae by the AngelettiRuzza studio.

“We have created a visually and narratively impactful journey, passionately telling the story of our new products with a unique character, connecting them to those that have shaped our history.”

The trio of coffee tables Naturae, designed by the AngelettiRuzza studio, is placed alongside the Lisetta armchair by Elena Salmistravo and the iconic Silene.

Simbiosi, the pair of single-opening vases connected by a thin red silk thread, immerses us in the timeless tale of emotional connections, not only between the craftsman and his creation but also those we experience in our lives.

The Simbiosi vases are illuminated by Maurizio Bernabei’s black Seia35, the designer of the award-winning “Caratteri” collection.

Dondolina by Antonio Aricò transports us to a Mediterranean atmosphere where sandy colors and iridescent metal reflections harmonize with the designer’s more poetic and graphic soul. Its rocking motion suggests an ambiance of serenity and playfulness, at times childish and certainly spontaneous.