bottega intreccio

Our school


A project which goes hand in hand with Bottega Intreccio, created out of the desire to reinvigorate the production district recognised as the excellence of weaving handicraft, to redeem its know-how and transfer its cultural heritage to a new generation of “weaving craftsmen”. Thus, in 2014, Carteca was born (out of a motto of Maestro Mauro Corradini, which means “press and pull over”, used as an exhortation of industriousness, of methodical creation): the weaving school which connects master craftsmen with decades of experience with the ambition and energy of young apprentices. A short circuit that hands back to the territory a rich base of knowledge handed down for centuries and refined from generation to generation.

As such techniques change, transforming and developing the specificities of each individual studio. The district of Mogliano therefore becomes an experimentation center connected with major brands that have been able to create successful ideas and woven products with our master craftsmen, which have become an internationally recognised symbol of some important fashion houses.

A territory devoted to excellence, which through the school wants to share with its community a knowhow left behind in the hands of a few skilled weavers. A tradition that continues with pride and which, through the Carteca school, generates new opportunities for young generations. Group lessons, internships with artisans, cultural in-depth meetings, collaborations with designers and universities: this is our school and this is the foundation of Bottega Intreccio’s entrepreneurial adventure.