Tonino Nardi

Intertwining leads a family of artisans.

Since 1987, his hands have been intertwining wickers, leather and other materials, a career initiated with his brother and completed today with the help of his wife. Currently specialised in fashion items, he intertwines bags, shoes and accessories constantly working with sector’s Designers and companies.
Unique and prestigious items conceived in Italy and Made in Mogliano.

Mauro Corradini

The leather master.

Mauro, 56 years old and a passion born on the footsteps of his grandfather, dad and brother Augusto. Augusto began the activity in 1969 and Mauro followed him in 1972. He intertwines leather and hide every day with passion, his biggest satisfaction is to see his ideas, drafts or simple projects materialise. Sought-for and high quality bags take shape thanks to his hands. Master weaver born between the house walls!

Alfredo Astolfi

The colour weaver.

He started weaving since childhood, following the father’s footsteps who had been creating wicker objects since the ‘60s. After some family economic hardships, he decided to take action in 1986 and re-invent himself, looking at the furnishing sector. Today he’s at the lead of a small enterprise where young and more expert artisans execute the works with cords, hide and wicker to create design furnishing accessories that embellish outdoor and indoor spaces. A weaver dad! Alfredo, 50 years old and a large family.

Giuseppe Maurizi

The one with the know-how.

Peppe, 77 years old and a lifetime spent weaving. He began the activity since childhood from home, where he was intertwining baskets and bags with his father Luigi. Thanks to him, the shop began expanding in the ‘60s and he decided to start interweaving garden furniture and furnishing accessories in reed and bamboo. Today, the shop has become an enterprise and his children follow Giuseppe’s footsteps. The one with the know-how!